Liz’s Review: An Unquiet Grave (Another Hole in the Head Festival)

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★★1/2 out of ★★★★★

Directed by Terence Krey

On the anniversary of his wife’s death, Jamie (Jacob A. Ware) enlists the help of her twin sister, Ava (Christine Nyland) to perform a ritual to bring his wife back from the grave- a ritual that requires far greater, and unbeknownst, sacrifice from Ava. Can you think of any instance where bringing a loved one back from the grave went right?!

Unquiet in name alone, An Unquiet Grave is more drama than horror; a meditation on grief, when it is time to “move on” and what happens when someone cannot. Krey effectively uses setting and atmosphere to immerse the viewer in Jamie’s grief but the film lacks dimension and feels flat. It had me anticipating a different twist on the “let’s bring (insert relation here) back from the dead” trope that never materialized.

An Unquiet Grave is available streaming as part of the Another Hole in the Head Film festival taking place online December 11-27th. Tickets and passes are available on their website here.

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