The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XCIV: The Thingy Awards!

ATMOSfx! Woo!
AIIIIEEEE!!!! It’s the Second Annual Thingy Awards! (Art by Mike Ploog)
The ballots have been totaled and the winners can be declared! It is now time to celebrate the best horror movies from 2019. The Scariest Things 2020 Thingy awards are being announced right here, on Episode 94. Strike up the orchestra! Cue the lights!

It has been admittedly a while since we actually tallied the scores, but one failed recording (whoops! where did that file go?) and a little intervention known as COVID-19 struck, we finally are ready to reveal the winners of our second Thingy Awards!

In hindsight, I think that you could say the year that 2019 was a balanced year in horror. There were a lot of great movies released, but nothing was a sure-fire front-runner, unlike last year when a couple of movies dominated the scene like A Quiet Place and Hereditary. The closeness of this race showed up on many of the nominations, of which several were tied going into the final day of selections, some winning by just a couple of votes.

We took a little different approach this year for our awards show. We held an open invitation for our fans to be jurors and you responded like champs! We had five times as many jurors this year than last, and it gave us some great close races for the awards this year. Once again we got a great response from our best brother and sister contacts in the industry. So, I would like to thank our entertainment insiders who participated, including:

Having their input proved to give the stamp of authenticity to our proceedings. The film festivals in particular are super helpful in identifying the best short and foreign films, which many of our general audience voters may not have been aware of. This year, we actually had something resembling a very entertaining Oscar Style Campaign occurring this year, from our friends at FANGORIA/Cinestate (Satanic Panic) and The Project (The Sonata). Now that’s Hollywood!

So, settle in for the ceremonies.

And the Thingy Awards go to…

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