The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XCI: The Scaredy Cat Challenge part 2

Scary DVDs! Woo!
An Orangutan practicing Mike Halstead’s Coward’s Veil
We had so much fun recording this episode, it’s a two parter! Now we get to the real hard-to-stomach material. The Bridge Too Far movies. How did our sissy chicken friends fare? Listen and find out!

I should be kinder to our pals Mike Halstead and Dan Bradbury. They were willing subjects for us to do a little pop psychology test on them. What is their breaking point when it comes to scary movies? Keep in mind, these gentlemen are NOT hardened horror movie fans. Quite the opposite actually. They go out of their way to avoid having to be subjected to scary movies!

Did this process confirm for them all their worst fears? Or did we perhaps manage to grow the community of horror fans by two? To use a current turn of phrase, “It’s complicated.” And, it should be! Horror shouldn’t be an easy thing to handle. Even long time horror fans should still get the emotional alligator brain rush of adrenaline. For the veterans out there, it just means the curve goes higher on the scale of how far they are willing to go.

I believe that in our current environment of story-driven, protagonist-forward films, it really does widen the gateway. People will always want to watch good stories told well. Whether it’s a drama, a romance, or horror, if you can make an emotional connection, movies are a way to flip a number of psychological switches. And, really, that’s why we at the Scariest Thing try to do. We want the community to grow, and getting this fantastic input from our friends who get easily disturbed shows us the way forward to broaden our community.

Mike Halstead explaining his fears of horror films.

A big thank you to Dan and Mike for being subjected to this. You guys are also a helluva lot of fun to listen to!

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