The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode XCI: The Scaredy Cat Challenge (part 1 of 2)

Fangoria! Woo!
The scaredy cat is back! And this time in comes in the form of our friends (and patron) Dan Bradbury and Mike Halstead. These two gentlemen are what you would call horror movie averse. So, we decided to challenge them to watch nine horror movies, and to see if they could handle it! Heh… heh… heh…

This was an idea we had brewing for quite a while. Liz, Mike, and I realized that it takes quite a bit to rattle us, but there are many movie goers out there who recoil at the thought of scary movies. And, at the same time, this is like forbidden fruit, beckoning… provoking… and threatening the potential audience to be brave and watch the movie.

The way the challenge worked was that we selected movies in three tiers: Gateway Films, Intense Films, and Bridge Too Far films. Mike, Liz, and I each picked one for each category, and then Dan and Mike would have to pick at least one movie from each tier, and report back as to how they felt.

The Movies we picked:

  • Tier 1: Gateway Horror
  • Tier 2: Intense Horror
  • Tier 3: The Bridge Too Far

Remarkably, for a couple of chicken little horror movie watchers, they attempted to watch ALL of the nine movies suggested. Good on you, lads! This was quite a bit of fun to record, and partly due to the fact that there are five voices here, but also because we ruminated a lot about the psychology of horror movies, that the clock ran long, so we split this podcast into two parts.

My sincere thanks (and apologies) to Mike and Dan for their willingness to be subjected to potential permanent psychological trauma. A standing ovation and some polite golf claps for making it through. Remember, you agreed to do this, so we’re not paying your psychologist bills! (So sorry, not sorry.)

This may be my favorite Scariest Things recording to date, and I think that it really goes to the core as to why I am a horror movie fan, and what we need to do to encourage those interested in horror to jump in the deep scary pool.

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