The Scariest Things Podcast Episode LXXXIII: Holiday Horror Movies

Scary DVDs! Woo!
Now that our American audience is digesting their Thanksgiving harvest feast, it’s time to turn our attention to Holiday Horror. The rule Mike put to the group was that we couldn’t use Carpenter’s Halloween. No problem, plenty of pictures to pick from!

There is a symbiotic relationship between Horror Movies and the Holidays. One quick look at the massive roster of Holiday Horror films on Wikipedia confirms this. So, we’ve bypassed some of the classics, like Black Christmas, and Silent Night Deadly Night, which we have talked about in previous podcasts since we try to keep things fresh as a Christmas wreath. Oooooo, so piney! Also, Mike decreed that we could not pick John Carpenter’s Halloween, which as great as it is, would have been an uninspired selection.

Maybe it’s because Holidays can be stressful family events. Maybe it’s because families get vacation time to go to the theaters together. (My family and I saw Knives Out for Thanksgiving… I couldn’t convince them to go to The Lighthouse or Doctor Sleep. Maybe you had more success. And sometimes the producers believe that scary movies make great date movies, and that holds for the Valentines day films in particular.

I will applaud any attempt to do a Lunar New Year’s Horror Movie, and if anybody pulls off a good Chinese zodiac horror film, I’d be a big supporter! With the upcoming Christmas Holidays now in full swing (at least commercially) there are plenty of great movies to prepare for. Grab some eggnog and get ready to try and convince your family to see something scary for the holidays!

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