Movie News: Sam Raimi to direct a new horror movie!

Scary DVDs! Woo!
Sam Raimi

It’s been 10 years since Drag Me To Hell (2009). 10 long years. Finally, we’ve got some good Raimi news!

Good to have you back, Mr. Raimi

The new motion picture doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s been described as “Misery (1990) meets Cast Away (2000)”. From that we can make some guesses: isolation, tropical locales, brutality, fanaticism, a volleyball named “Wilson”?

Whatever the story is behind this new endeavor, it’s gotta be a good one. The project was scheduled to be put up for sale last week, but once Raimi’s old Spider Man pals at Columbia Pictures heard the pitch the studio jumped all over it; quickly putting an end to any need for a sale.

Swift & Shannon

The script for this mysterious and, hopefully, excellent new motion picture is being written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon. These are the folks behind the screenplays for Freddy vs. Jason (2003) as well as the reboot of Friday the 13th (2009). Sam Raimi has been working with them already on a Bermuda Triangle project at Skydance that’s been one of those forever-in-development things.

When news of the new horror movie broke, Mr. Raimi said:

I am thrilled to be reunited with Columbia Pictures and re-teaming with Sanford Panitch (Sony’s motion pictures group president), and Andrea Giannetti (Columbia Pictures). I have been a fan of Shannon and Swift and we have found the perfect adventure to share with the world.

Exciting news for sure! We’ll keep you posted, Scariest Readers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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