Horror Tourism: The Blair Witch Experience

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Welcome to Burkittsville! I hope you brought a map with you, because the 20th Anniversary of the film is upon us, and The Blair Witch Experience will let you retrace the steps of Heather, Mike, and Josh. Hopefully, you’ll come back from the experience alive.

Forget VR, immerse yourself in the real thing! Tickets have recently gone on sale for the 20th-anniversary event from October 18-20, and The Blair Witch Experience will take you to the key shooting sites of the movie, into the woods, and includes… wait for it… a camping trip! What could possibly go wrong? The Blair Witch isn’t real, right? Well, in order to find out FOR SURE, you’ll need to participate in this curated event.

For the astonishingly low cost of $30 per person (really? WOW. For a three-day event that seems like a bargain!) The camping is in the Patapsco State Park, and you would need to make arrangments separate from the tour cost. And, you’ll get a chance to make your own stick men for the next set travellers to appreciate as they wander the woods. Yep, nothing wrong with that at all!

A big hint got dropped in the tour website that there may be cast or crew appearing during the event, so there’s a CHANCE that you might get to meet Heather, Josh, or Mike ON LOCATION. Go crazy! Wait no, don’t go crazy, be respectful. Still, that would be something, wouldn’t it? Also, here’s your opportunity to rehearse Heather’s famous speech and film it in the woods. You know you want to! You are going to bring a super-8 video recorder, right?

If you are a fan of The Blair Witch Project this is a must-do event. And, if you happen to live in the Eastern US, this would be a fairly easy prospect! And, it appears that it’s about 25-30 people, so if you’re interested, I’d get on it right quick. Those who wait may end up having to stand still and face the corner of the basement.

If you do go on this adventure, please let the Scariest Things know how it went! We’ll live through you vicariously.

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