The Scariest Things Podcast Episode LXX: ADA Horror

Fangoria! Woo!
Logan Marshall Greene is the most kick-ass quadriplegic ever! In Upgrade (2018)
But wait! There’s more! Following up on our popular 25 movies with disabled characters, we decided to put our thoughts on the matter to the Podcast. And wouldn’t you know it, we dug up a few new selections for you.

Our recent dead list of top 25 Movies featuring characters with disabilities got a fair amount of buzz, so the Podcasting crew decided to put voice to our words, and came up with their Terrifying Trio of movies that represent this interesting film intersection. It’s a topic worth talking about, and we even found a few movies that probably need to be added to the previous list.

It’s an eye-opener as to how horror movies have a particularly potent way of portraying the plight of the disabled. They can amplify their vulnerability. Films like Friday the 13th Part 2, Bay of Blood, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre practically hung a “dead meat” sign on the paraplegic characters in these movies. Fast forward to now, with the powerfully empowered characters in Hush, A Quiet Place, and Upgrade where the protagonists are both disabled and compelling… not just victims.

So listen to the podcast, and then go back to our list… or the other way around. And, we salute the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and applaud the progress that has been made for people in disabilities, not only in the built environment but also as represented in our favorite genre films. Gone are the days of the disabled as the pathetic victim. Bring on your blind, your deaf, your paraplegic heroes, there’s a home for you in horror now!

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