The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode LIX Vegetarian Horror

ATMOSfx! Woo!

That’s Vegetarian as in this time the plants are eating YOU! The tables are turned, and these plants are looking for some long deserved payback.

No, this is not about Vegetarian horror, which in the more conventional sense would be a bunch of people eating veal cutlets and foie gras. We’re looking at plant-based horror as flipping the script on the order of things, where now the plants get to dictate the way the world is supposed to work. Or, if not that, at least to eat a few people. Hooray for Carnivorous Plants!

This is the Podcast extension of the web magazine article I posted on Arbor Day. And, let us not forget Earth Day! Who knew the plants had darker plans in store for humanity? Really, after what humans have done to the great forests of the world (and the reefs, and the jungles) who’s to say we’re not ripe for some ecosystem re-ordering of priorities. Vegetarian horror films take many forms, because, well, there’s not many of them. The serious gore and malice of The Ruins, to the hysterical and hum-worthy Little Shop of Horrors, we had to dig fairly deep to come up with a pair of fearsome foursomes.

Plant-based horror has to be clever about how it brings the scares. After all, these plants are immobile, or MOSTLY immobile. Fast plants aren’t much of a thing, with perhaps the fastest plant being a tumbleweed. Yet, they are everywhere, and the pollen… oh that insidious pollen. Pollen and Eric have a tempestuous history. I’m somewhat surprised that they haven’t created a movie about beautiful flowers that lure you in, as that would be an insidious way of luring humans to their deaths. A flower shaped like an iPhone and smelling like bacon, that would be an irresistible trap.

So, our fearsome foursomes are a mixed bag of good and bad movies, but all of them are films that you should watch at least once. (Yes, even the Happening) And, Mike found a fabulous short film which we will post soon for your full enjoyment, it is absolutely insanely funny, (and inappropriate), and we’ve posted that short film to our site. You can check out the full film HERE.

Another Addendum… here is the link to our Grave Digging tidbit: The Swamp Thing Trailer. A horror comic hero production? You’d better believe it! I think I’m not convinced to pick up the DC Streaming service.

Now that you’re done with that, here’s our Episode 59 Podcast!

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