Child’s Play Mystery Solved: Mark Hammill will Voice Chucky in the Reboot!

ATMOSfx! Woo!

OK, now the Child’s Play movie has my attention! This may have been the perfect voice casting for the upcoming reboot.

Mark Hammill just announced at WonderCon 2019 that he will be the voice of Chucky for the upcoming franchise reboot. There was a noticeable piece missing role not assigned in the recent media releases for the film, including the trailer, and that was, who could possibly fill the iconic voice of Brad Dourif, the long time voice of Chucky in all of the previous films.

It is a poorly held secret that the new movie lacked the support of the creator of Child’s Play, Don Mancini, who is planning his own continuation of the saga on Television, and it would not surprise me that Dourif will reappear on that platform. But landing Hammill is a coup. He is one of the great voice actors around, his Joker being nearly as totemic as his portrayal as Luke, in that little independent movie you may have heard of.

I wonder how long United Artists had been sitting on this information. It is entirely possible that they just recently hired Hammill, as all of Chucky’s dialogue would be done in post. Or, this could have been a big surprise that the producers decided would be a headline grabber. If that’s the case. It worked! Headline officially grabbed.

Personally, I can’t wait to hear a stream of murderous profanities stream from Chucky in Hamill’s voice. Does this make it more or less likely for you to want to see the reboot?

Here is Hammill’s announcement from his Twitter Feed:

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