The Scariest Things Episode LV: The Worst Case Horror Scenario

Scary DVDs! Woo!

A Patreon special request! What horror movie scenario would be you least like to be subjected to, either as a victim or as the monster? Mike and Eric dive into deep movie fears in Episode 55.

Special thanks to our pal Ian Parker, who, as is his right as a Patreon Supporter, made a special request for a podcast topic. He wanted to know what movie situation would be the hardest to deal with. What would be worse, being the victim of something nasty, or to live life as a nasty monster? So, time for some role play!

Mike and Eric took different paths of how to handle this puzzler. Eric took a transposition approach, by placing himself in a specific movie. Mike looked at this as a four point psychological analysis. This is, in a way, a way to suggest what is a bridge too far? But deeper down, what is it that truly scares us. Great question, Ian!

So what freaks you out? What would you just not be able to handle if put into a movie plot? Would you agree with us? Is there something even worse that we’re forgetting? Do you think we handled the question well?

Well listen in and see what you think! This was a fun one, and a bit of a challenge, when having to scratch the depths of our psyches to come up with the worst case scenario possible.

And, again, if you want to introduce a topic for discussion, we invite you to be one of our Patreon supporters! Join us!

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