Horror Movie News: Things Are Happening in the Dario Argento Universe

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Recently, THE Dario Argento (Four Flies on Grey Velvet, Profondo Rosso, Suspiria, and the list goes on…) took part in an interview with an Italian Radio Station, RA1. He disclosed a hearing pile of information in that interview, and was also rather vague, all in the same interview. Here’s what we do know — and we don’t know:

-Dario Argento is looking to bust out another film!

-His new film doesn’t appear to have working title. In fact, he was deeply dissatisfied with the version that was presented to him.

-According to the brain trust at IMDB, one of the possible titles was Sandman. The plot involved “…tells the story of Nathan, a young student in the city who struggles to forget his childhood trauma at the hands of the serial killer dubbed “The Sandman.” Nathan killed The Sandman years ago, on Christmas Eve, after he witnessed the murder of his mother… until he sees the beautiful woman who lives in the apartment across the way dying at the hands of that same masked killer. This brutal murder plunges Nathan into an odyssey into the night country of his past, his dreams… and the buried secrets of The Sandman.”

-It’s not currently clear if Sandman is that film that Agento’s referring to in this recent interview with RA1.

-This would be the first film that he’s done since 2012’s, Dracula 3D.

-Even though he alledgedly gave Luca Guadagnino his full blessing and creative license to remake THE Suspiria, he was deeply dissatisfied with what Luca churned out. In the interview with RA1, he also commented on Suspiria and noted “It did not excite me, it betrayed the spirit of the original film: there is no fear, there is no music. The film has not satisfied me so much.”

-Lastly, he took a mighty swipe at the godfather of shoe gaze, Thom Yorke, by noting that the remake of Suspiria contained “no music.” Ouch!

Whether you agree with Mr. Argento’s assessment or not, it’s safe to say that this septuagenarian ain’t out of the game yet. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on the Sandman (?) and other happenings in the Dario-verse.

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