Robert’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2018

Fangoria! Woo!
The Ritual
One Cut of the Dead

Good ol’ 2018 is drawing its last few breaths. It was another banner year for our favorite genre. Independent films continued to break new ground and an old franchise came back from the dead!

While I didn’t get to catch every movie that came out this year (darn it!), I managed to squeeze in a good number of them. So, without further ado, here’s my Top 10 films of 2018!

  1. One Cut of the Dead (directed by Shin’ichirô Ueda) – Japanese horror/comedy at its finest.
  2. Ghost Stories (directed by Jeremy Dyson & Andy Nyman) – An intense and twisty British anthology.
  3. Tumbbad (directed by Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi, and Adesh Prasad) – This is not just a great Bollywood horror movie. This a great horror movie. Period.
  4. Hereditary (directed by Ari Aster) – And you thought your family was messed up.
  5. The Ritual (directed by David Bruckner) – Just say “no!” to shortcuts through the woods.
  6. Satan’s Slaves (directed by Joko Anwar) – Darn Satanists. Even families in Indonesia have to deal with that troublesome lot.
  7. Dead by Midnight (11pm Central) (directed by Tony Reames, Eric Davis, Jay Holloway, Anissa Matlock, Torey Haas) – We’ll call it a horror/comedy anthology all wrapped up like a late night TV B-movie marathon extravaganza!
  8. A Quiet Place (directed by John Krasinski) – Shhhhhhh…
  9. Pyewacket (directed by Adam MacDonald) – Awww, kids are so cute when they’re summoning malevolent demons of vengeance.
  10. Incident in a Ghostland (directed by Pascal Laugier) – Family reunions can be very stressful.
Toni Collette in Hereditary

And there you have it!

Thanks again, Scariest Readers, for all of your support, comments, and critiques this past year. We’re looking forward to diving into 2019 with you all and finding out what sort of spookiness is waiting for us!

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