The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XLVIII: Annoying Horror Movie Jerks!

Horror films are rife with characters that you just want to die horribly in the movie.  Mike and Eric discuss some of Horror’s most despicable characters.

Just die already!  Oooooooh!  That guy is such an asshole!  Horror movies often need not just a scary villain, but also some antagonists who either conspire against our protagonists or are so inept as to bring upon ruin to the ones we are actually rooting for.  These are the jerks of horror cinema, and there is a proud tradition of them. These are the ones who had it coming!  

Our thanks to Amy Faust, who encouraged us to pick up a Reddit theme where they discussed their favorite or LEAST favorite annoying character.  In the end, that Reddit group determined that they didn’t like Samuel, the oddly creepy kid from The Babadook or Franklin, from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre… a popular choice.  So, this was a fun exploration, and sorting through what characters to pick from a sea of so many annoying characters.

I tried to stick with annoying characters from good movies.  There are some films, like most Troma productions, where ALL the characters are annoying.  Same thing holds for Rob Zombie movies.  But if it’s a quality film, and the aggravating characters serve a purpose… bring on the jerks!

Much thanks to the Final Girl website who came up a great, comprehensive, and thoughtful list of the types of jerks in horror movies.  And, apparently, there are seven types:

  1. The jerk that you can’t help but like.
  2. The jerk who turns out not to be a jerk.
  3. The jerk who may have a point.
  4. The jerks who are extremely irritating.
  5. The jerk who you feel bad for disliking.
  6. The jerk who is a power mad bully.
  7. The cowardly jerk who dicks over everybody!

You love to hate em, or you hate to love ’em.  Sometimes you just want to fast forward through their scenes, and now you have to listen to us talk about ’em.  Enjoy, if you can!



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