Trailer Alert: Godzilla King of The Monsters 2nd Trailer

C’mon, BRING IT!  It’s a monster rumble, and I want to be there!

The twelve year old boy in me just kicked in!  This kaiju picture looks so epic it hurts.  It must be growing pains. I was excited about this after the first trailer, and my, oh, my, they might have outdone themselves.

One of the risks of trailers is showing too much.  As opposed to just showing a tail, or a leg, or some portion of the monster, in a compelling way, they are keeping these gigantic beasts somewhat hidden  in the cover of night, using the lighting flashes to light them up like Gods striding the Earth. They are appropriately glorious, and I suspect this will need to be seen on IMAX.  Also… Daaaaaamn King Ghidora is BIG!  He makes Godzilla look like a pug!

For those who complained about being short changed on monster action with the Gareth Edwards Godzilla movie, this movie looks to impress.  I still can’t get the impression of Eleven out of my mind when I see Millie Bobby Brown, though, and we’ll see if they can execute the human story to match the visuals of the monsters.  One thing is for sure though, they gave Ken Watanabe another fantastic one liner to match his “Let them fight!” quip from Godzilla.

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Somebody call Michael Buffer.  I think we need his ring announcer pipes to give the tale of the tape for these combatants.  Aaaaaaaaand NOW!  Fighting out of the BLUE CORNER, weighing in at ten thousand tons…

Godzilla King of the Monsters will likely be rated PG-13, and is due for US release on May 31, 2019. It is remarkable that they still have five months of post-production, and they already have this to show us.  I need oxygen! (Fanboy admission) Not sure that I need another trailer.  I’m sold. Take my money now!

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