Shorts: Khaleesi the Bulldog watches Horror Movies

Scary DVDs! Woo!
Khaleesi Look Back

The Scariest Things normally doesn’t post YouTube funny animal videos… but c’mon!  Khaleesi is so awesome!  She’s a fan like you and me, barking warnings at the characters on screen.

OK, funny animal videos can be so… cliche.  But I must show this to all the horror fans out there who are prone to yelling at the protagonists and warn them of their imminent peril.  Khaleesi is a horror movie buff, and when the scary gets rolling, she tries to warn everybody that something bad is coming.

I have a French Bulldog, and he’s completely oblivious to anything on television. But if there is any better proof as to the visceral and primal power of a scary movie, this is it!  Horror movies can convey danger, even to dogs!  Be vigilant, Khaleesi, good girl!

These videos courtesy of the Elvis and Khaleesi YouTube channel.  If you like these, they got a bunch of em!


Here she is watching The Conjuring:

Here she is watching Annabelle Creation:

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