Happy Death Day 2U Trailer Released

Fangoria! Woo!

Restart that deadly causality loop! The Happy Death Day 2U trailer has been released. Rinse and repeat!

Restart that deadly causality loop! The Happy Death Day 2U is released. Rinse and repeat!

Wait… didn’t I just say that?  Can a movie that is all about repetition still feel fresh and original?  Well, it’s time to find out. The surprise slasher hit from 2017 is getting a sequel comes as very little surprise.  Director Christopher Landon, producers Blumhouse, and the expressive actress Jessica Rothe and the whole band (well the members of the band who didn’t die in the first movie) is back together for another trip through Bayfield University… or more than likely several trips through.

Happy-Death-Day-2-Movie-PosterThis installment looks like it’s going to explain the reasons for the time loop curse that caused Tree (Rothe) to relive her murder over and over until she uncovered who her killer was and dealt with it.  So, all is well, right?  Looks like the answer to that is no.  And this time, her classmates are trapped in the same conundrum, so she’s not alone.  I will admit, that I love that they go back to the original film’s loop gag… but hopefully, they take some new roads, lest they get lazy with the trope.

As many of you know, I’m not a big proponent for franchise horror.  However, some movies lend themselves well towards sequels.  This, I think could pull it off, due to the strength of the concept and the players involved.  This movie has Scream like potential. It’s got polish, humor that works, and a great cast.  What I do hope is that if this movie does well, and they continue to franchise this story, they either switch up the cast, or they have it leave the University.

Jessica Rothe was able to pull off the college girl in the first film, and at that time she was 28, and now she’s 31.  But unless they make a move to grad school, she, and most of the rest of the cast, are going to age out of a college drama.  I also hope Rothe can get a great role in something like a superhero flick, or an Oscar-bait drama lead.  She’s that talented, (she had a supporting role in La La Land) and I’d hate to see her have to repeat (there’s that word again) her role as Tree for the rest of her career.  Horror franchises have a way of launching actresses’ careers, and she’s primed for a big break.


Is it too much to ask for two good movies, and then stop?  I know, it’s a lot to ask, and the grand tradition of inexpensive and successful horror movies is that they beat that horse until it’s dead, the zombie horse is dead, and the ghost of the zombie horse is dead.  Who knows, maybe in 40 years they’ll do a re-boot, Halloween style, and do a shot-for-shot repeat of the movie about repeats… with the same cast!  YES! Sign me up! Wait… how old will I be in 40 years?

Until then, we have this to look forward to… enjoy!



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