Horror Book News: Fangoria’s New Horror Publishing Imprint

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It’s back to school time and your favorite horror magazine is hitting the books!

Fangoria magazine is back and on September 11th they will be releasing their first novel under the new Fangoria Presents publishing imprint! The book is called Our Lady of the Inferno and is the first novel by Fangoria staff writer, Preston Fassel.

About Our Lady of the Inferno:

Spring, 1983. Sally Ride is about to go into space. Flashdance is a cultural phenomenon. And in Times Square, two very deadly women are on a collision course with destiny– and each other. 

At twenty-one, Ginny Kurva is already legendary on 42nd Street. To the pimp for whom she works, she’s the perfect weapon– a martial artist capable of taking down men twice her size. To the girls in her stable, she’s mother, teacher, and protector. To the little sister she cares for, she’s a hero. Yet Ginny’s bravado and icy confidence hide a mind at the breaking point, her sanity slowly slipping away as both her addictions and the sins of her past catch up with her… At thirty-seven, Nicolette Aster is the most respected woman at the Staten Island Landfill. Quiet and competent, she’s admired by the secretaries and trusted by her supervisors. Yet those around her have no idea how Nicolette spends her nights– when the hateful madness she keeps repressed by day finally emerges, and she turns the dump into a hunting ground to engage in a nightmarish blood sport…

In the Spring of 1983, neither Ginny nor Nicolette knows the other exists. By the time Summer rolls around, one of them will be dead. 

Our Lady of the Inferno can be ordered on Amazon

Stay tuned for updates about more Fangoria Presents selections, and subscribe to Fangioria here


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