Horror Movie News: Suspiria Trailer 2

Fangoria! Woo!

Another trailer has dropped for the highly anticipated remake of Suspiria. This time with more exposition!

As we get closer to the November 2 Amazon release date for their ambitious remake of the Dario Argento classic, they have provided a longer more expository trailer for you to make heads or tails of.  We have stated before, on this website, this is a huge artistic risk for the studio. There have been few, if any, more stylistically distinctive horror films than the original Suspiria.  In this trailer, you can again see the beautiful art direction that Luca Guadagnino has taken for his take on the tale, and it is certainly HIS version, and not a riff on Argento.  It certainly appears that even as Gudagnino has gone for a desaturated rather than a hyper-color-saturated palette, his is not afraid to go artistic and trippy.

Tilda Swinton looks like she is going to dominate every scene she is in.  There is always an oddly compelling about that actress.  She so easily slips into the guise of a cold ethereal character, and she certainly pulls that off in the moments you see here.  Certainly, aficionados of the film are going to compare and contrast the two.  My first gut reaction is that it is not a note for note copy of what came before.  The question, is, how far does it stray from the original concept.  And, if they do stray significantly (like the difference between the 1951 Howard Hawks The Thing From Another World and the Carpenter 1982 The Thing) will they still be considered side by side classics?  The other notable takeaway I have from the trailer is the restraint to which the producers and marketing crew have shown relative to the more ghastly scenes that have been buzzing about since the movie was screened earlier this summer.

Another prominent feature of Argento’s movie was that it featured a much-beloved soundtrack provided by Goblin.  Guadagnino took note, and for his version has brought Thom Yorke, the famed frontman for Radiohead to compose the score.  There is such a gargantuan and passionate fan base for Radiohead, that it will be interesting if there is any coattails for his soundtrack.  It would be a bit tricky to track, but certainly, the marketing campaign has promoted Yorke squarely as a selling point for the movie.

Also, it will be interesting to see, if Amazon feels confident enough in the movie to do a limited theatrical release to have it available for Oscar consideration.  It’s landing right in the Oscar season sweet spot of early November.  And, it has a cast and a director that would garner some attention, should the movie prove to be great.  If that’s the case, we’ll likely be having multiple horror movies battling for similar statuettes in February!




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