Horror Movie News: The Nun Teaser Pulled for a Jump Scare

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Come on Warner Brothers, you can do better than this. Perhaps the cheapest jump scare in movie advertising history.  

This is not a good sign.  This weekend, The Nun had its most recent 6-minute trailer pulled.  The purported reason for the advertising campaign was that it was just too scary.  On the contrary, I think they pulled it because this is some of the most obnoxious bullshit to apply to an advertisement possible.  They set it up so that you think you may need to turn the volume up on your controls, and then BANG!  JUMP SCARE NUN!  It is ludicrously loud, and only about a second worth of scare, but like the worst example of jump scares it gives you no context for the scare.  If this is how the movie is going to be, and judging from the previous trailer, which features another annoying jumpscare, complete with the audio explosion… this means that the movie producers do not have confidence in the scares to come naturally from their movie.

Very disappointing.

Did their ploy get a lot of buzz?  Yes.  Is it because people think this movie is going to be great?  No.  Is that a good thing? Again, No.  Damn it Warner Brothers and Newline, you are making horror movies look desperate!

Here’s the teaser that got pulled. Thank heaven for small victories. Don’t turn your speakers up too loud or you might shred them.  The teaser is only 8 seconds long.

The Nun opens, as the trailer notes, on September 7.


Here is the official trailer, with a slightly less ludicrous jump scare.  I can’t say that this is making me look forward to the movie.

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