Horror Movie News: The Barge People Trailer

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The Barge People

The idyllic canals of jolly old England provide the killing grounds for a group of mutant amphibious cannibals, in the upcoming retro-horror film The Barge People

Yeah, you read that right.  The emerging British horror production studio Dark Temple has come up with a curious and extreme little horror movie, that chronicles what should be a lovely and relaxing vacation float down the tranquil canals of rural England for a pair of sisters, and their boyfriends.  Lurking in the banks of the canals are a bunch of mutant cannibals intent on snacking on the unwary couples on holiday.

The Barge PeopleJohn Squires of Bloody Disgusting has already called the trailer “2018’s craziest trailer so far.”  And, I have to admit, this is a savage little trailer.  Strong hints of the Wes Craven Classic The Hills Have Eyes and Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are clearly evident here, substituting the remoteness of the desert American Southwest, for the meandering countryside of the English countryside.  Not exactly the first locale you think of when it comes to terrifying environments, and clearly, director Charlie Steeds aims to change that perception.  The amphibious creeps borrow from Humanoids from the Deep, and maybe a little bit of Dagon, though some influence from Creature of the Black Lagoon applies as well.  However, unlike the legendary Gill Man, there ain’t much sympathetic to these baddies.  For all of our numerous U.K. fans, I would like to know what the English equivalent to hillbilly bumpkins would be.  And, are canal cruises in the countryside a popular thing to do on weekends in Britain?

This is director Steed’s second outing for his Dark Temple label, following his previous low-budget shocker Escape From Cannibal Farm. (I’ll give you two guesses as to what that film is about!) Dark Temple will be looking to release a movie every year with a new-retro aesthetic from original genre screenplays.  If this film turns out to be as entertaining as its trailer, I think we may be on to something pretty entertaining here, and we will be keeping track of Dark Temple’s offerings to come.  I don’t suspect that this will be the thoughtful, slow-burn British fare of A Dark Song or Ghost Stories, but rather this is occupying a valuable gonzo grindhouse niche that is ripe for exploitation. No release date yet has been set for The Barge People, but it is due out late 2018 or early 2019.  This might be a film that will be on the American horror festival circuit next year… and we at The Scariest Things will track this film’s release schedule.

The Barge People is Rated R, for violence, gore, and a lot of nastiness.  This is also a Red Band Trailer, so you’ve been warned!

For now, enjoy the very British, and very bloody trailer for The Barge People.


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