Movie Posters We Love: Frogs (1972)


1/2★ out of ★★★★★

A poster that promises so much for a film that gives so little. The movie sucks. The poster rocks! Hats off to MGM for a marketing effort on a movie this lousy.

OK, this is a REALLY bad movie.  Look at the poster.  Then consider this.  No frogs eat any humans in this movie.  And that’s a shame.  You get lots of snake, alligator, tarantula, and frog live shots, interspersed with rubber versions “attacking” some poor schmuck. How MST 3000 never got ahold of this loser is astounding.  It’s ripe for ridicule!   A lizard knocks over a bottle of POISON and kills a guy in a greenhouse.  Whoops! There’s a particularly bad sequence where the actor rolls around with a rubber alligator and somehow manages to lose the wrestling match with a toy.  A woman gets harassed by snakes until she drowns in the worst quicksand effect you’ll ever see. And,  at the very end, you will see Ray Milland get hopped on by a bunch of normal-sized frogs.  Oh no!

And in the most improbable things of all, you get to see Sam Elliott without a mustache.  Oh the horror! How can that be?

The poster, and its myriad of taglines, however, is awesome!  You’ll note that I included two versions of the poster.  I particularly like Today- the Pond!  Tomorrow – The World!

Frogs is rated PG. (lame!) and is available on YouTube.  And, full admission, I kinda fast forwarded through this movie… I couldn’t handle the bad dialogue.


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