Horror Movie News: The Overlook Filmfest Schedule

Fangoria! Woo!
Overlook Film Festival

The Scariest Things is hitting the road. What a treat the Overlook Filmfest is gonna be!  Eric is heading to New Orleans… and it’s got a fantastic slate of films.

Sweet jumping up and down Jesus, I’m going to get to see an early screening of Hereditary!  I can’t wait!  OK, calming down a wee bit here.  The slate of films has a mix of the familiar (Puppetmaster and Unfriended) and the really obscure foreign productions (Vampire Clay, Tigers are Not Afraid, The Farm.)  Plus, some big premieres like St. Agatha, Hereditary, and Upgrade. The best news?  I’ll be there to give you the advanced buzz to let you know what to look forward to!

This year’s event schedule is loaded up with a whole bunch of VR experiences that I’m eager to try out, plus a big interactive game in the Bourbon Hotel, purportedly a HAUNTED hotel.  Fun! The Blackout experience sounds rather extreme… that one might scar me if I do it, but I won’t be called out for not giving this a try!  I’m also jazzed about the Horror Movie Canon discussion.  So much to do!  Who needs sleep?

Here’s my priority list for the films to see:

  • Hereditary
  • Upgrade
  • St. Agatha
  • Arizona
  • Blood Fest
  • Downrange
  • Revenge
  • Good Manners
  • Sex Madness Revealed
  • Vampire Clay
  • Shorts Programs 1 and 2

We’ll see if I have enough time to catch any others!

I will be taking requests, if there is anything specific from the list that you think you want some advanced screening information on, let me know through The Scariest Things contact section.  Also, if you are going to be in attendance, and would like to meet up, please let me know!  I’d be thrilled to join in with any fans of The Scariest Things.

Now… where did I leave those beads?


The Bourbon Orleans Hotel… a haunted hotel to host the Overlook Filmfest!

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