The Scariest Things: Three Months and Three Thousand Viewers!

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Our little website has reached 3,000 viewers!  No way! (Yes way) 

Three months ago, when Eric and Mike decided to do a podcast and talk about why we love horror movies, and how to get more people to join the cool kids club, I had no idea how many people might be interested in hearing us talk, or reading our reviews.  Enough people found it amusing that we then created this website, and Robert and Amy added their voices to our effort.  I was thrilled when we hit 100 viewers, meaning it was more than just our immediate friends.  Now, we have blown past 3000 viewers and 4400 visits in just a mere three months of publication. It’s a remarkable reaction and I’m glad that you all have been coming by, even if it was for just one blog post.  That said, I hope you’re sticking with us for all the spooks, scares, rants, and reviews.  For those of you who come back over and over, you are the reason why we do this! It seems cliche… but it’s completely true.  I wouldn’t keep writing just to entertain myself.

A special thank you to our viewers in Great Britain. Over a third of our viewers are from Britain, and there have been a lot of Brits forwarding and recommending The Scariest Things to your friends.  Keep it up! Rule Brittania!  (BTW, I never realized that the Union Jack was asymmetrical… curious.)


Stay tuned for more podcasts, previews, reviews, and assorted other horrifically fun stuff in the near future.  Soon, we hope to have our RSS feed up and connected to iTunes and Stitcher so you can always have the most recent Podcast at your fingertips.  I know that 3000 people in the grand scheme of things is a fairly small internet number, but it does suggest we are on our way to dominating the fabulous inter-webs. MUUAAHAHAHAA!!!

Anyhow, to express how I’m feeling, it’s kinda like this: Let’s Dance!


Or… like this:

Or… like this:


Thanks everyone who has helped launch our little corner of the internet!

-Eric Li

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