The Scariest Things Podcast — Episode X: Our Favorite Kid Themed Horror Movies

Fangoria! Woo!

From XX “The Box”.  Don’t look inside, Kid!

It’s The Scariest Things TENTH show!  So hard to believe we’ve made it this far. This episode our focus is on horror movies involving kids. And no, we’re not talking about Horror Movies FOR Kids… that may need to be a future Podcast.  Fear of kids. Fear for kids. Fear of parenting.  Face it, there are few things in this world as scary as kids!  Particularly if they have wet hair, and are really really pale. AIIIEEEEE! Children!  When the danger comes from the smallest and most innocent of us, it packs that much more shock value. And, nothing taps into your alligator brain like the fear of losing a child.  Hooray Horror!

Joining us for Episode 10 is Roberta Pennington, who has a sister podcast titled “Starchitects”, where Eric got his inspiration to do Podcasting, having guested on her show twice, now.  Roberta brings a bit of mainstream horror movie to the table, complimenting Mike’s 70’s grindhouse fare, and Eric’s indie horror darlings, and you’ll get to hear a bit of that in this episode.

When we started this podcast, I figured… well, we’re going to get The Omen, and The Exorcist, and The Ring… but guess what?  We didn’t!   What made our list?  Give it a listen and find out!


From the Brood: Mutant dwarf kids attack! Will Candy Make it?

If you like what you hear from Roberta, tune in to Starchitects at this link:

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