Horror Movie News: Cold Skin Trailer

Fangoria! Woo!

Fish people seem to be quite popular at the moment…

On the heels of the remarkable The Shape of Water, comes Cold Skin, also featuring aquatic fish people.  In this film, a 1914 Irish lighthouse keeper (Ray Stevenson) is sent in to a remote South Atlantic island to relieve the previous weather official, who turns out to have died on the island.  Turns out, the seas are teeming with aquatic humanoids set on removing the humans, and clearly the lighthouse has been turned into a  fortress.   After determining that the Europeans are the invaders, the new arrival falls in love with one of the female humanoids… sound familiar?  Strong Lovecraftian feel to the film, similar to something like Dagon.  Interestingly, both films are Spanish productions, but produced in English), and H.P.’s fascination with fish-people.  Come to think of it, Guillermo Del Toro is a Spaniard.  Hmmmm….

Cold Skin is not rated, but does not appear to be a particularly gory film. This film had a European release last year, and appears to be having a US Streaming release this year. If I find out when this is being released stateside, I will post an announcement.

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