Movie Posters We Love: Les Monstres de l’espace (1967)

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Who were they running from? What do they fear? What have they seen!?!?! Quartermass and the Pit, AKA Five Million Years to Earth, AKA Les Monstres de l’espace!!! So many names, but just ONE great piece of artwork.

While it’s a pinch unclear if these groovy lads and lasses are fighting or in the middle of some freakbeat dance competition, what is clear is the greatness of this 1960s horror show.

Les Monstres de l’espace, is a rather inventive sci-fi horror show that follows a group of budding young archaeologists using the London underground to search for dinosaur relics, but what they discover is some ancient technology that twists the entire premise of evolution. Did we evolve from single-celled little monsters, or are we the product of ALIENS?!?!?

Don’t just stare lovingly at this beautiful piece of artwork, truck on over to the internet (or your local video store haunt) and watch Les Monstres de l’espace in its entirety — if you dare….

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